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Located in the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal, October Sun Productions Recording Studios were built to give singers, musicians and songwriters access to fluent engineers running the very best sounding equipment available, but for a fraction of the price of super studios. We help people produce projects from concept through recording and mastering. We have a large library of samples, voiceovers, and soundtrack scoring.

If you’re interested in finding out more about October Sun Productions and what we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@octobersun.co.za or via our online web form here.




Recording is an art form and, like any art, needs to be nurtured and created by artists. If the Artist is the painter, the recording studio is responsible for the brush, paint and pallet. At our Studios, we have all the tools to create a recording masterpiece. Our brushes are our pro microphones, our paint is our industry-grade software and our pallets take the form of our experienced producers.



When a track has been fully “produced” and all the musical elements are in place, the final stage is mixing and mastering. This is often the difference between something sounding amateur or professional and is essential for platforms such as online stores (iTunes etc…), radio and television. We can also mix and master projects that were made elsewhere, when Separated audio is provided



This is the creation of an original full song from start to finish. The starting point of these projects can be a demo song already written by the artist which is turned into a produced track according to a reference song/genre or idea that the artist has. Or, if the artist doesn’t have a song written, one can be created along with the studio’s composer and producers according to an idea or reference given.



Our songwriting services can be the answer to helping you and your band reach that next level. Even some of the most talented singers and songwriters have hired songwriting services and songwriters for hire to either write new lyrics and songs or to edit their current songs or lyrics. Whether you need only the lyrics or instrumental or both, our talented and diverse team of songwriters can help.


Event Sound/Lighting

Every event is born out of a great idea and the client’s vision. October sun has years of experience assisting clients to create long lasting memories from the original brief to draft show proposal to final show execution, all precisely aimed at realising the final product.your event


Artist Management

As an artist, one needs to understand that managers work on commission and sometimes a set fee . So whatever your manager negotiates on your behalf, they are going to take a percentage based on what you have agreed upon. Artist managers have to be informed about a lot more things than they used to in the past including music copyright, music licensing, sponsorships, branding, crowd funding, endorsements, social media and direct-to-fan strategies. Putting together a persuasive strategy for an artist requires the right information, a salesmanship attitude and a go-getter spirit.you will find that all at October Sun


Parable Fifteen

South African Country Rock band with numerous awards, 2 studio albums which have several chart-topping singles. Parable Fifteen has made strong inroads into the live music scene, gigging intensively and being play listed on radio in South Africa with several number 1 hits.


Zazz is a quirky and sassy Durban based singer song writer that offers a unique country experience. Her personality and vocal range commands the stage!


  • Carmen Rodrigues

  • Kayla Piccione

  • Sandy Lawrence

  • Gerhard Supra

  • Paper Planes

  • Cheryl Engel


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